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Medical physics questions

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    I'm entering the final year of a B.ScH in physics, and am very interesting in pursuing a grad degree in Medical Physics next year. Coming from a rural town, I haven't had much exposure to the field, so figured I'd try my luck asking here.

    I'm wondering what the future outlook for jobs in this field is. I've read from a few sources that job prospects are excellent, but I've also read that the market is becoming saturated with qualified medical physicists...though I don't see how that will be possible once graduation from a CAMPEP accredited program becomes mandatory for certification. Does anyone in the field have insight into what the future holds? Are jobs widely available to CAMPEP program grads, and do you except them to be in the future?

    Some of my classmates have also told me that salaries in medical physics are on the downslope. Although salary isn't a huge concern, it'd be nice to know that you can earn a comfortable living after spending so many years in school. I'm an SPS member so should have access to the AAPM salary survey, but for some reason it won't let me log in to access it. Does anyone in the field have an insight into the potential salaries in this field, now and in the future?

    One last question. I've read on the AAPM site that many medical physicists (with a Ph.D) are employed at hospitals associated with universities, and divide their time between clinical duties and teaching. Is this very common? Being able to do hands on work in a clinic, and teach would be a dream job of mine!

    If anyone can answer any of these questions, or has any other advice to offer me, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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    we have such a major in my university but we otherwise call it ' Biophysics' it's a VERY intersting study i admit that..although unfortunately they dont have a wide working fields..for being a biophysicsist you can work in Radiology,.. in many hospitals they work as radiologists as a first place..
    here you can find additional and interesting infos.

    good luck
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