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Medical Physics

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    I am very interested in becoming a medical physicist but I have no idea where to look for information.I have Google and Ask Jeeves but most of the hits have nothing to do with it.

    If anybody knows where I can look for information on medical physics I would appreciate you sharing.Thanks.
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    Thank you.

    Anything else?
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    *raises hand*

    Hi there! I'm a medical physicist. Very happy to see someone interested in this little known field.

    To be honest, getting into the profession depends very much on the country you live in. I am personally from the UK, and getting into the career here is fairly tough. I think the AAPM govern training in the US. A great place to chat with students in the US who have already begun their training is www.aapmstudents.com[/URL]. I'm sure they can answer specific questions about how to get into medical physics in the US.

    For now, though, if you have any questions at all about the field, I would be happy to answer.

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    Jonathan, what was the name of the thread you started on this topic? Remember it? cause it is a good reference point.....!
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    I think it was called "medical physics", but I can't seem to find it by searching. Hmm...
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    Thank you.I didn't know there were any medical physicists here.
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    Found it!.....link *HERE*
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    That's a good thread to read.Thank you for finding it.
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    Your welcome, Thank jono for starting it, me too, cause I agree it is/was a good thread!

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    No problem :)
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