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News Medicare Bill and now the immigration bill .

  1. Jan 7, 2004 #1
    Medicare Bill and now the immigration bill.....

    I think this is pretty well ruining my wants for voting Bush in 2004 :frown: I had such hi hopes - what the hell is he doing?
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    Buck up Phatmonky – Its called stealing issues. A technique learned from the master B. Clinton. Look to the end game, not the foreplay, and be heartened.
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    Yeah, just remember that Bush is lying some 70% of the time(and napping the other 30%). Like everything else Bush does, it is all smoke and no fire.
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    Lolol, too funny Zero.

    Phatmonky-what problems do you see with both the medicaid and immigration policies?

    Anybody remember what happened to immigrants the last time this administration offered an amnesty type registration program? Hint: It wasn't exactly what some expected...

    It also may have something to do with this problem: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=808&u=/dowjones/20040107/bs_dowjones/200401071721001228&printer=1 [Broken]
    At any rate...having employed "immigrants" registering and paying taxes on that income without guaranteeing them permanent legal status is not neccesarily a baaad thing.
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    My problems with the two programs are as follows.

    The medicare(medicaid? I thought medicaid was for poor people, medicare for older?)bill is a bloated bill that appears to help very few it is intended for. Personally, I am a fiscal conservative. This is some massive federal spending, that from my readings is not what I want to support. The medicare system needs a revamp IMO, not just more money and different deductibles thrown at it.

    The immigration law is fine, for those already here. I don't mind that. What I do mind is that lack of longterm planning for this. Such a program needs domestic policy for EXISTING citizens as well. I HATE when Bush and others imply, or outright say, that there are jobs Americans won't do. I believe that much of these jobs are attributed to the fact that UI and other social services give no incentive for someone to pick up a low pay job while still job hunting (but alas, I am getting off track.)
    The immigration bill is good in that it documents workers - but I can't find anything as far as what we will be doing to people who are still not documented after this. The bill is incomplete IMO.

    I am open to more information on both of these bills, as I haven't read word for word all the way through. I do however wonder how I voted for a Republican who ironicall has such large amounts of federal spending (yes I am aware of 9/11 and need for additional security.)
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    what a retort!
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    Well, it is true. Bush likes to pass laws and then not fund the programs that the law creates, or to pull a bait and switch, like he did with the Medicare bill, which spends all kinds of money while actually reducing coverage for many seniors.

    I don't know why you voted for such a POS either, you know that?
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    The medicare bill will actually hurt alot of seniors who have good drug coverage as part of their retirement plan. Many companies are planning to pull out of subsidising drugs now that they can shoulder the responsibility on the tax payers and government.

    As for the illegal immigration issue, it's obvious the Republican party wants to win over a relatively conservative minority group (Latinos now outnumber or are close to outnumbering the African Americans). This is probably a way to win over those who are legal voters, many of whom no doubt have families or friends who are illegals.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    My parents received a monthly $10 increase in their SS payments, and a $40 decrease in medical benefits.
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    So I am curious: what exactly is this new immigration bill? Is it true that visitors cannot stay in the US longer than 15 days??
  12. Jan 12, 2004 #11
    There was a narrow class of people who DID see a benefit...many more gte hurt by it.
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