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Medicinal mushrooms

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    When my uncle was diagnosed with colin cancer, my aunt began researching cancer and ways of increasing his chances of survival. She learned about various mushrooms that are apparently mainstreem cancer medicine in certain asian countries.

    Turkey tail mushrooms were found to be the most common mushroom used, and are also very common where she lives.
    Coriolus VPS, Coriolus PSP, Krestin,Turkey Tail, Trametes versicolor, Coriolus versicolor. Coriolus VPS and PSP are used to maintain, protect or restore immune health during and after serious immune challenges.

    "Known as Krestin or PSK in Japan, and as PSP or Yun zhi in China, the hot water extract of this medicinal mushroom is the world's most thoroughly researched supplement for serious immune challenges. There have been more than 400 animal studies and over a dozen placebo-controlled double-blind human clinical studies published in peer reviewed medical journals.

    MushroomScience is the only company in North America offering their customers research quality PSK (VPS) and PSP, and has been acting as a consultant for the recently funded $1,000,000.00 study on these extracts."

    My aunt has a book which claims other mushrooms to have extrordinary healing powers as well.

    One of those was the hedgehog fungus, or "bearded tooth fungus". The book claimed that this mushroom stimulated regeneragtion of nerve cells and could help people who had alteimers, spinal cord injuries, ect.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of actual research done on the "bearded tooth fungus"?

    What do you guys think about this.
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    Do they cite any of these studies? Without any citations, we can't verify this claim (or verify the outcome of those studies).
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    We grow some good 'shrooms in BC, but I've never heard of them being used for cancer therapy. Other than tasting good with a steak, the only impact of mushrooms that I'm aware of is either psychoactive or poisonous. Do a lot of research before you mess with them. While a lot of ancient customs of any culture have a basis in fact, they certainly can't be relied upon.
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    http://www.cancer.org/docroot/ETO/content/ETO_5_3X_Coriolous_Versicolor.asp?sitearea=ETO [Broken]

    turkey tails, or trametes veriscolor is a shelved polypore mushroot which grows on hard woods.

    The hedgehog mushroom or the lions main mushroom is a toothed fungi.
    Research done in according to the article in this link


    suggests that the lions mane mushroom contains at least two kinds of compounds that induce NGF synthesis. And these compound can easilly penetrate the brain blood barrior.
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