Medical Medicine made from Indian Snakeroot?

I was working on a bonus assignment for Environmental Science, and we had a chart:

Medicine/Plant Source/Use

We were given one detail. For 8 of the 10 it was medicine. The only one I could not complete was a plant source - Indian Snakeroot. I found information on Indian Snakeroot as a herbal remedy but not as a medicine. I spent quite a while finding the answers and decided it was time to move on to other work. The homework isn't to due with physics so I thought I would post it here, and it is technically not mandatory thus not homework.

Anyway, I will have an hour long online course I can search for the answer, and someone else in my class might have it; however, if you can give me the answer or a hint that would be great.

Don't waste your time searching for me or anything. I just stopped working because I wanted to work on some of my online physics course and an english thing. Spending to much time writing this post. Seeya.


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here is an article on indian snakeroot from phytomedical technologies.

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