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Mee,Jennifer hiccup

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    50 times a minute, that seems terrible. I get the hiccups very frequently, especially when eating bread, but usually a little bit of water stops them right away.
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    According to news reports, she stopped hiccuping after 5 weeks (ended just a couple of days ago).
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    Hmm, Jennifer Mee, that Jennifer is not me, I am me Jennifer. :rofl:
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    Lame. Imagine someone asking her: "Well, why didn't you just drink some water or hold your breath for 20 seconds?" :tongue2:
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    Jennifer:are you from Florida by chance :rofl: :smile: ?
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    :rofl: When I first saw the thread title, I was all ready to have to tell someone they should just contact you by PM if they wanted to talk to just you. :biggrin:

    Something makes me think there's a psychological component to this girl's hiccups. In earlier articles, it said she'd stop hiccupping while sleeping, so it sounds like it wasn't just some uncontrollable spasm (or else it would more likely keep her from sleeping), and now they came back after a nosebleed. Sounds like she's getting herself worked up over something and this is some odd response to that.
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    Could it be a self-reinforcing sub-conscious thing? She may have been getting quite a bit of attention while the hiccups were going on and maybe that's something that she's missing. Though it may have been physically uncomfortable to have constant hiccups, it might have been comforting in a way to have lots of people concerned about her well-being. I'm not a psychologist, but I would suspect that Jennifer has something in her life that is upsetting her and she is either unable or unwilling to get it out and address it. If it is physiological, it is a strange situation. I wish her luck, either way.
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    Hasn't it just got to be a neurological problem? Where is House when you need him?
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    Do you think too much thinking about GR or Cosmology might be the cause?

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