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Meemoe_uk's time

  1. Apr 22, 2004 #1
    well, what with GPB flying around. I thought I'd better help Tom (super mentor )with his work on meemoe_uk's time which he started a few years ago.

    meemoe_uk's time is a simple, intuitive way of quantatizing relativity.

    It is based on a curious feature of quantum physics.
    The Zeno effect.
    ( quick layman article on the zeno effect )

    meemoe_uk's time proposes that all relativistic effects are caused by the processes involved in the zeno effect.

    Quite simply, due to the Zeno effect, whenever an object is exposed to photons, or indeed, any other particle interaction, it's internal quantum processes slow down.

    My theory also critically depends on radiation from high energy particles.
    Electrons in synchatrons are observed to radiate photons when they interact with the magnetic fields of the synchatron.
    In fact, whenever any particle interacts with a force field, it is possible it will radiate energy.

    Now, considering 2 objects moving at high speed in oposite directions to each other...
    ( This is a situation which SR deals with. Hence if I show how zeno's effect is significantly involved here, I make a critical link )
    Each body has high kinetic energy with respect to each other. So the constituant particles of each body have high energy wrt to the particles in the other body. Therfore they will radiate energy at each other. This results in a zeno effect in both bodys. The higher the speed, the greater the zeno effect. This is relativistic time dialation

    Well there you go. You may not like it. But it's a workable and testable theory. And most critically... it's simple! You know of any other quantum relativity theory that can be explained this easy?
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