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Meeting a fling again after many years

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    Yeah, that was quite interesting, especially since we both managed to remember all the little details we told each other, none of us really knows why we ever lost touch as the contact was never bad, she just got too busy with school of some sorts.

    Any similar experiences? Seems like a healthy thing to me.
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    How do you meet an irregular verb?
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    A fling is basically either a really short relationship that quickly turns into friendship (this case), a short relationship that quickly turns into disinterest or a person with whom such a relationship was shared.
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    Sounds nice. No, it's never happened to me, but I've heard stories of old people who hook up with their high school sweeties. They say they just start up where they left off, like the 50+ years between then and now never happened.

    So do you have plans to start seeing each other regularly now?
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    Yeah, there is some Dutch show about that, meeting your first love again, some get back together interestingly. They say

    Most likely, nothing romantic though.

    To be honest, she to some extend made me see the absurdity of a lot of relationships, you need to have 'nothing' to talk about for a relationship and not know each other. She had some boyfriends during the times I still spoke to her but she said she loved me more than they and surely that I knew her better and that she also came to realize that she had little to talk about with them which you can then easily fill up with 'I love you' all the time...
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    I have had a couple flings. There is one in particular that I would love to see again. She is probably much too busy with school and getting her career started though.
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