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Meeting new people

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    Sometimes im afraid to meet new people. And I might have to meet some intimidating people in the future if I choose to do certain things. How can I get over this or work on it. Sometimes I will go way out of my way to avoid meeting people.
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    Hi quert, for a starter,
    Dress smart ( don't overdress or underdress for the people you wish to meet ), brush your teeth, comb your hair, and all that business, so that when you look in the mirror you can say to yourself "yeah, that's someone I would like to know!". And then go out to meet the people who could then very well look at you and say the same thing.
    It won't work all the time but as I said it is a start.
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    how do I get over a mental block that i have, and its a pretty big one.
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    Don't worry about details. Don't worry about your dress. Just be normal and say "Hi" to folks and ask them something about themselves. You will get a lot of openings that way so that you can segue into something that lets you connect with the person that you would like to talk to. I hope this helps.
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    yes it helps thanks for all the posts, How do I not act nervous around people, How do I not show that I am nervous. Just the thought of meeting certain people gives me anxiety. How do I prepare myself to go out and meet people? What kind of question should I ask about them?
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    Practice makes perfect. No matter what you learn from online or books, you need to do actual practice to make you overcome such things. I used to be shy and seldom talked to people, even i knew him or her. There was a accident chance that i was asked to give a public speech. Luckily, i did it pretty well, after then on, I am not afraid about the talking with people. So just go out and start making conversation with people, at first it may fail and the situation will be get better and better if you keep on it.
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    ....be positive, polite, clean and cheerful. Try to smile as much as you can. People tend to be more comfortable with that attitude. Basic and works for me.
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    what about using medication to help relax myself, and take my mind off stuff?
    Is there a way to change the way someone thinks by using external medication or other physical techniques?
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    The main point is that you shouldn't take this problem so seriously.I had a similar problem with other people.I always thought what would happen if I do as such and say as so.But then I realized its not that big.All people have,more or less,such issues.They understand you.And no one out there is going to be your enemy because of such things.Just don't worry about it and meet people with nothing to worry about.Its going to be OK soon.
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    Embrace the failure that comes with learning. Took me a while to learn how to make those Christmas cookies. Messed up a few times at first but now everyone want's Jack's cookies. That's how it is in life in general: gook cooks try again. The bad ones give up when they mess up. The way to get over your problem is to engage with the knowledge you will probably do poorly at first but that experience is a necessary door(s) to go through in order to get better. Sooner the better so start walking.
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