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Meeting social convention

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    Hi folks,

    When you arrange to meet someone at a restaurant and you may arrive at different times, what is the social protocol in terms of where to wait? Should I go inside, grab a table and wait or should I stand outside the restaurant and wait for the person to arrive? Will doing one or the other make me look foolish?

    Would the answer change if several people were meeting?
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    I would wait outside sit on a bench in front of the restaurant. Even if there were several people, I would wait outside.
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    Yeah, I'd check in the restaurant first to see if they're not there yet. Then I'd go wait outside.
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    You should ask the person you plan to meet on what to do. Do they want to meet outside or inside? Kind of a no brainer.
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    If you get a table and it turns out you're at the wrong restaraunt, are you still obligated to leave a tip?

    I usually will wait outside if I'm first until at least one other person shows up, unless there's a line waiting for tables. If there's a line to get a table, then it's best to go ahead and get your name on the list.

    And one of us did show up at the wrong restaraunt for a meeting, once. That's the problem with putting too many chain restaraunts on the same very long street. When both think they know where the south restaraunt is and where the north restaraunt is, but neither knows that that chain actually has three restaraunts on that street. Makes for a confusing cell phone call when you're both standing outside the north restaraunt, but can't see each other.
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    I feel it is rather irrelevant what you do.

    Do what you feel like.
    Talk to some people and pass the time? Fine. It's kind of relaxed.
    If you want to sit inside at a table and have drink, do so.
    Want to wait outside? Fine too.

    What would you do if you came later?

    If the person is not outside, I'll peek inside to see if (s)he's sitting at a table.
    I wouldn't hold either choice against that person.
    I'd prefer it if (s)he just did what felt comfortable.

    And in case you can't find each other, you'll always have your mobile.

    Do make sure you have each other's phone number, and that your battery is charged.
    That's far more important! :smile:
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