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Meeting with my advisor

  1. Oct 31, 2006 #1
    So, I'm a sophomore in Electrical engineering, and I love it even though it's wicked hard. Anyways, I have a meeting with my advisor in a couple days, which all sophomores have to do before registering for spring semester. I was wondering if anyone has any good questions I should ask him? I went last year and felt kind of stupid just saying classes are good, and I enjoy them...so any ideas for topics of conversation that will help me get the most out of this meeting? Thank you:smile:
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    Maybe you could ask him about co-op/job internships.
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    I never meet with an advisor other than to show up, say "clear me for these classes" and walk out.
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    That's super. You must be a smart guy, then.

    I talk to my advisor to make sure I am on the right path and which classes I should take next quarter or whenever to get the best out of school and not take a class which has a suggested prerequisite of another class that I haven't taken.
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    Advisors are also useless to me. At most they answer your question with another question, its pointless. Its like, so how does my course load look like? Well how do you think it looks like? OKay thanks for the help.
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    Well, That is what happens when you have a bad academic advisor. Mine has proven to be rather helpful.
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    My father told me; do not listen to advisors! They are useless! Take care of yourself . I never visited them and I never will.
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