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Meeting you guys!

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    Hi there,

    I crossed the path of this website, and definitely thought I should hang out there and meet like-minded girls and guys who enjoy physical sciences.

    My name is Edouard Reny, I am a full time private Physics Tutor. My goal in life is to put back on the right path students that get lost during their studies of Physics. Filling knowledge gaps, building their confidence, and then witnessing them excel at their exams fills me with happiness and pride. I started doing this as a side thing a few years ago. Results were impressive and since I 'saved' many. This made me want to create a single-man tuition company and go full time, which I am now. Found myself a great job!

    As I cannot help everyone, I started creating videos. The 'Physics made easy' channel is still in its infancy, with less than 10 videos online, but please have a look and tell me what you think. It is on-going work, so any constructive feedback, good (for encouragement) or bad (for improvement), would be welcome!

    I look forward to intervene in the discussions in this forum and to help students that wander around here.


    Edouard Reny

    PhD in Materials science, 5 years in academic research, 12 years in industrial research, and now physics tutor for international high school students (it has been 3 years).
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    wow.. nice meeting you sir! I am also interested in physics and want to know more cool stuffs about it! Welcome to PF! :)
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    Cool channel! Just subscribed . . .
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