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Mega doses of Vitamins

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    I have never thought of Linus Pauling as a quack but this article seems to indicate otherwise. I find the last paragraph rather misleading.

    If fails to mention that he was 93yrs old.
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    Yes, it's sad that people that are great in some things become quacks in others. I had read studies many years ago showing that Pauling was wrong about vitamin C. There are many studies that have repeatedly shown him wrong.

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    Lots of "great" people (in one field) believe lots of crazy things in other areas. For example, William Shockley's (and to a lesser extent, James Watson's) "scientific racism", Kary Mullis' cranky HIV-denial, Josephson's beliefs about telepathy, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's (who wasn't a Nobel winner like the preceding lot, but was a physician and an eminent writer) belief in fairies and the occult. The list is endless. Even highly intelligent, high-achieving individuals are capable of delusional thought. The danger is that these thoughts get a much wider and more serious airing because of their prominence. The moral is that argument from authority is almost always flawed.
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    IMO, that's why the peer review process is so important.
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    The problem with these 'amazing claims' is they are killing people. Talk to your doctor. That is the only expert you should trust.
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    I would hope that a reasonably intelligent person would be able to see through the "amazing claims."

    Doctors have very little training in nutrition. I see a nurse practitioner who has taken may more hours of nutritional training and study than the MD she works under.

    As she puts it: "Few people eat that well balanced diet we are always talking about."


    BTW the new buzz word is, antioxidants, and this isn't referring to vitamins.
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