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Mega volcano 2012

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    A supervolcano hidden in a veritable mega-volcano nursery called the Eduardo Avaroa Caldera Complex, located in the inhospitable Puna-Altiplano region near the tri-section of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile is a major focus of many volcano experts in recent days.

    The harmonic tremor is appreciating in a cyclical way. There are signs of trouble ahead. An extrapolation in the time axis points to a possible mega eruption in 2012.
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    I can't remember why but I'm sure I remember India Daily being an unreliable and untrustworthy news source. A quick google search hasn't found any similar stories elsewhere so I'd take this with a pinch of salt.
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    It's not completely bogus, but like most other science articles from Indiadaily, it's old news that's hyped up and made to look like yet another apocalypse (Indiadaily loves apocalyses).

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    Hmm, didn't the mayan calendar also end some kind of cycle in 2012 as well?
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    Did anyone ever see that movie called Supervolcano? I think it was possibly made by Discovery Channel or something like that. My geology prof showed it to scare us. It was actually a pretty decent show.

    http://shopping.discovery.com/product-58069.html [Broken]
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