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Megnetic force problem help

  1. Jul 20, 2007 #1
    megnetic force problem help plz

    A charged particle (q = +2.7 µC) moves at speed v0 = 50 m/s in the +x-direction. At x = 0 it enters a region where a constant magnetic field B = 3.4 T is directed in the +z direction ?

    What are the component of electric field ?

    i got the Ex and Ez which are Zero .. but i can;t figure out the Ey ?

    (a) what is Ey ?

    here are the some hint :
    Use the Lorentz force law for the net force on a charged particle in a region containing both electric and magnetic fields. (The law is called the "electromagnetic force law" ). but i still can;t figure it out so plz help me out with this . thank you

    If the incoming particle were replaced by one with the opposite electric charge but the same initial velocity, what electric field would be required to ensure a straight line motion? (Magnetic field is unchanged.)

    (b) again what is Ey' ?
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    I think there is some information missing. Is an electric field already present?
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    Or maybe they are asking what external E field would result in the particle still moving at Vo only in the x direction?

    vicks, can you please type out the question exactly as it is given to you?
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    I think it's equal to


    we aren't given either of them :(
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