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Melt wire experiments

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    Can someone please help me understand the phrase "melt wire experiments" as used at the AVR fuel testing analysis and maybe why the such a choice of phraising. I would aso appreciate if I could be referred to either papers, journals or web links where one can get information and probably the results of the experiments.

    I do know that AVR was used to test TRISO fuel particle (pebbles) for the modular HTR reactor.

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    The objective of the experiments was to determine local "hot spots" in the pebble bed during operation. Basically one takes a wire with a well calibrated melting temperature and places samples at different locations, primarily those locations where integrated thermal-hydraulic models indicate maximum local temperature. If the wire melts, then obviously the local temperature exceeds the melting temperature. Using wires of different melting points can then indicate the local temperature within the difference of melting temperatures.

    Some basic references:

    www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/commission/secys/2003/secy2003-0059/attachment2.pdf (page 40)

    http://www.nea.fr/html/nsd/docs/2007/csni-r2007-6.pdf (page 90)

    www.ms.ornl.gov/programs/imet/PDF/June_2002_AARP.pdf [Broken]

    To obtain reports of the actual experiments, one has to find the FZK reports.
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