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Homework Help: Melting Ice

  1. Feb 23, 2008 #1
    Aim: How does the volume of water at a given temperature affect the amount of ice that can melt in it?

    I did a lab experiment. I put ice in different volumes of water and waited for 5minutes. I measured the amount of ice melted and the final temperature of water.

    RESULT: (starting temp=18℃
    Volume of water in cup/ Volume of ice melted / Final temperature of water
    100ml / 12ml / 11℃
    200ml / 20ml / 12℃
    300ml / 25ml / 16℃
    400ml / 20ml / 16℃

    This shows that as the volume of water increases at a given temperature, the volume of ice melted icreases. It also shows that the change in temperature decreases.

    I do not understand why. and I can't explain. Please HELP!!
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    Did you do any repeats in this experiment, or did you only do it once for each volume? I am saying this because if your results show a trend that does not agree with any theory then it will be difficult to find information supporting it. If you did three repeats for each volume then atleast you can say there was probably a higher degree of accuracy in your results when averaged.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes. The results were almost the same.
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    You could draw a graph for both volume of water melted and volume of water. And another one for change in temperature and voume of water. Once you have drawn the graphs then you can comment on trends that the graphs shows and then dra a conclusion from them. I myself am not sure what the trend should be, but this is the way I would approach the problem. :smile:
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    Are you sure there isn't a typo in the table of your results?
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