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Homework Help: Melting point of a solid

  1. Nov 2, 2006 #1
    How would I show that the melting point of a solid decreases with increasing pressure knowing that the specific volume of the liquid is less than the solid?

    dP/dT=delta h / (T delta v) Clapeyron equation

    Inverse it:
    dT/dP = (T delta v)/delta h
    v" < v' : molar volume vapor < mol. volume liquid

    Not sure where to go from there
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    well couldnt you say this:

    [tex] \Delta P = \frac{L_{f}}{\Delta V} \frac{\Delta T}{T} [/tex]

    and since the change in P and T are inversely proportional, a posotive change in P increases melting point T.

    just my $0.01
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