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Member count?

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    Just curious.. on the PF front page it says there are 1894 members, but for instance, Nereid is member # 1955, and I've seen higher than that. What gives? Surely that many people couldn't have been banned by now?
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    Sure there could.

    There are a lot of spammers who register and get caught (hopefully) before anyone really takes notice.
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    I suppose there's also some maximum period of time
    between visits after which your access is turned off,
    unlike the less popular forums...:wink: Don't know though,
    we'll have to ask Greg about this.

    Live long and prosper.
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    The homepage count is an accurate number for registered members. It does not include banned members or members who still have not activated their accout through their email. So we may very well have 2000 names in the database, but only 1894 are officially registered and able to post.
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