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Suggestion Members passing

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    Periodically we see an announcement that one of our members has passed on. I have often wondered how anyone would know that, given the anonymity that is encouraged here. Think about yourself -- if you passed away suddenly, would anyone you know post a message about that to PF? Would any of your local acquaintances even know what PF is? One reason I am posting this is, as an example, that I have noticed HallsOfIvy has been absent for several months. I don't know him personally and have no idea whether he has lost interest, been banned, is ill, or deceased. There are others I can think of in the same situation.
    So I am wondering if there is some way for you, @Greg Bernhardt, to flag members who disappear for an extended period of time, and do an email followup for a health-and-welfare check.
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    With a large member base it's difficult to do this, but I do often check in on past highly active members who have disappeared. In the case of @HallsofIvy he is alive and well, but just moved on. We also have an automatic email if a member hasn't returned in 3 months. Many times for old active members their email addresses are no longer valid.
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    While most members are anonymous, a few of us are not, at least, not to a few other members that we have either met, or have been in contact outside of PF. Certainly, the Mentors and the Admins have other means of contacting or checking-up on one another, and long-time members also have other contact info beyond just anonymous e-mail.

    In some cases, the family members of a member that has passed away may contact the forum directly, such as in the case of adrilno.

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    I made a point/request to my daughter to let members here know when I pass. In case anyone here really cares. :olduhh:
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    we all love ya and would miss you

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    But that is a good idea, Don
    making family members aware of your presence on the forum(s) you belong to so that they could post something would save a lot of worry
    Of course that may not happen till those family members have had time recover a little from the initial grief .... patience and soft steps
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