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Members subject to load and moment

  1. Nov 6, 2007 #1
    Ive got the following tutorial question to do

    Check the suitability of a 254 x 254 UC 132 in Grade S275 Steel to carry the design loads and moments given if the effective length of the column is 4.6m

    Design Data:

    Ultimate axial compression 900kN

    Ultimate moment at top of the column (x-x axis) 175kNm

    Ultimate moment at bottom of the column (x-x axis) 120kNm

    Ultimate moment at top of the column (y-y axis) 50kNm

    Ultimate moment at bottom of the column(y-y axis) 10kNm

    Im fine with the theory but having a bit of trouble with calculating the ultimate moment, or whatever its called for use in the local capacity check and member buckling check equations,


    Ft +Mx +My
    Pt Mcx Mcy

    I know everthing but Mx and My

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Emma :)
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