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Memetics of Quantum Mechanical Interpretations

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    Hi All,

    I have been thinking of applying the ideas in Richard Dawkin's Selfish Gene and the ideas of Evolutionary Biology based on the Darwinian principles to model QM interpretations as some kind of genes which fight for survival in an interpretation pool, I have written an article posted on arxiv here:

    It is way to model not what could be the correct interpretation of QM, but how this dynamics of interpretations are created, survice and fight for survival in the scientific community, so I hope it is an interesting read.

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    You will want to read the book The Fabric of Reality (1997) by David Deutsch where he discusses quantum physics and relationship to meme concept of Dawkins. Dr. Deutsch is professor at Centre for Quantum Computing, Oxford University. You can read a review of the book at this link:http://naturalscience.com/ns/books/book02.html [Broken]

    and here is a summary of chapter that relates Dawkins and quantum physics:

    Chapter 8, entitled The Significance of Life, provides a sketch of Darwinian evolution as amplified by Dawkins (who places genes, rather than species, at the center of the adaptive process) and then uses the many-worlds theory to give a novel and stimulating cross-universe analysis of the stability and robustness of genes. This analysis permits an abstract distinction between true genetic material and junk DNA. A similar analysis can be applied to the robustness of knowledge itself. The following quotes summarize the author's conclusions: “The direct connection between the theory of evolution and quantum theory is... one of the most striking and unexpected of the many connections between the four strands.” “Knowledge is a fundamental physical quantity... and... life is only slightly less so.” “Life is the means... by which the effects referred to in the Turing principle have been implemented in nature.” “It is simply not true that life is insignificant in its physical effects [on the astrophysical scale], nor is it theoretically derivative [from other fundamental phenomena].”
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