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Memorize periodic table

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    Does anyone have any interesting or easy ways to memorize the first, oh, 10 to 40 or so elements (only including the names and the abbv.)? thanks
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    I've heard of some songs that use the abbreviations. So, is it 10 or 40 ? It really doesn't take any special trick to learn just 10 elements. Do you have a deadline ?

    My suggestion : keep looking at a periodic table, and you'll soon get familiar with it.
    www.webelements.com has a nice one.

    There's been a thread that is talking about this right now- looking for it now...got it !

    Read (#5) here : https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=285708#post285708 and join in. Chroot has a very interesting and supposedly very successful technique. I suggest you join in that thread.
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    Thank you Goku, links are/were helpful

    I personally came up with, hi-he-lie-be bokay-n-o flu-knee, thats the first 10 small abbv of the main words strung together, it works for me
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    Personally I just know them from having lookedand studied them for about 5 years. I can name the names and symbols and the atomic mass of the first 23 elements in order. I believe I can name the first 54 elements in order.

    Sad, I know, but that is life. :biggrin:

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    USE FLASH CARDS!!!! :rofl:
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