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Memory chip poll

  1. Aug 20, 2005 #1
    Do you think it will be better if we have a memory chip in our head to memorise anything we want,without any problem?

    1 Yes
    2 No
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  3. Aug 20, 2005 #2
    Better no, helpful to some, maybe.
  4. Aug 20, 2005 #3
    I think it would be. However, we kind of already have it. If you have access to a computer and the internet you can find out almost anything you want. Granted this does take a little longer than memory.
  5. Aug 20, 2005 #4
    I say no because the information stored in a memory chip is not 'your own' since it can be manipulated by others. Besides, you do know that such a chip does not work for over 30 years right ?

  6. Aug 20, 2005 #5
    Is a memory chip in your brain even possible? I mean, scientists hardly know anything about how the brain functions and how memory works
  7. Aug 20, 2005 #6
    I would say no. But the point of the thread was just an idea, not to be taken too realistically.
  8. Aug 22, 2005 #7
    well, my thought would be that memory chips are possible, but not currently. I've heard word of gps chips being implanted in the ear of infants, but that's different. That chip doesn't have to interact with the brain. I'm no neurologist, but I do know that the brain stores information chemically. Short term information is held electrically (I guess it could be compared to a Hard drive and RAM).
    How would data be stored on the memory chip? In binary? If so, there'd have to be another component to convert the binary to a format your brain can understand and back to binary.
    but as previously mentioned, neurologists don't know much about how the brain works or stores information.
  9. Aug 23, 2005 #8
    i don't know for the brain but i like the idea of the mondex chip.
  10. Aug 30, 2005 #9
    I know I could sure use one!! And maybe a faster processor too! :biggrin:
  11. Aug 30, 2005 #10
    no! what happens if it cracks/chips for some reason, or if it gets dislodged, short circuited, or wiped clean somehow? Our brains are extremely advanced. Oh and guess what? They are wired for remembering stuff. If you wish to memorize something then do it without the help of technology.

    Another thing: We might be able to fit what... maybe 2-3Gb Flash chip in our brains? That might be able to last you about... oh half a year or so. Brains can hold infinitely huge amoutns of information, without the help of chips and circuits.

    Course it wouldn't be that bad of an idea for short term memory, if you would ever get it perfected.
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  12. Aug 30, 2005 #11
    uhh buddy most of what you said makes no sence whatso ever...if you were to implant such a sophisticated chip, it wouldent be flash, and 2-3 gigs would only hold for all we know 1 second of information we have no idea of the brains physical capacity in bytes for information
  13. Aug 30, 2005 #12
    ....and brains arent infinite
  14. Aug 31, 2005 #13
    There are some whose greatest ambition is to be a memory expert. And there are some who do not wish to bother to remember something if it can be looked up. Would you prefer to be a memory expert or a creative genius?
  15. Sep 1, 2005 #14
    Well we've already ruined the idea of survival of the fitest and using our own abilities for everything else. So why not level the playing field for memory too
  16. Sep 1, 2005 #15
    I say no.Bcoz our brain is more effective than memory chip.We r using only less than 5% brain of our toatal brain.So we must learn to use our full brain.
  17. Sep 1, 2005 #16
    You can exercise your brain to do things better...the brain is very resilient and is always changing
  18. Sep 4, 2005 #17
    use our full brain? if we're using 5% of our brain and have 5 basic senses, what would 100% release? or even 10%? scary thoughts. Not to say we're going to gain senses in any particular relation to percentage of the brain used, but I think there would be some crazy sh**, if not death.
  19. Sep 7, 2005 #18

    Memory chips , in my opinion, would be a very bad idea. If a chip can be made it can be made to relay info to different places. It would obviously violate everything the constitution stands for. I also agree that we should do more research on unlocking the brains full potential. I would also like to note the use of the word impossible. It seems to get used quite often on this website. To my knowledge just because i can't do something doesn't mean it can't be done. It simply means I haven't yet learned how to.
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