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Memory Chip?

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    Transistors are tiny crystal of silicon. Transistor switch and it's support component are memory cell.
    A single memory chip can hold up to 4 transistor ? What is the shrinking bit ?
    Can you please explain?

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    hi there
    welcome to PF :smile:
    all your questions could have been answered on google
    here's something to get you started..............

    a few more than that .............

    a 64Mb Dynamic RAM chip has over 67 million transistors on it
    a 1Gb Dynamic RAM chip has over 1 billion transistors on it

    not 100% sure of what you are referring to ... maybe this .....

    the number of atoms of material needed to be able to store 1 bit of data

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    you just quoted me with no words from you ... did you want to ask or say something else ?
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    Yes. Is the following diagram ( attached ) performs operation with the previous diagram attached ?
    How and why ?

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    This is equivalent to memory cell except the complexity of circuits are hidden.

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    How to calculate that how many memory cell a memory chip can hold ?
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    DRAM does not use a 4-transistor cell, they store the information in a capacitor.
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