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Memory Erasure

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    Would you opt for memory erasure? Check out this website: http://www.lacunainc.com/process.html

    Is it a scam?
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    It sounds like its getting awfully close to the stock sci-fi story:

    Man wakes up not knowing who he is or where he is from. He searches for his past, finds out some evil thing/corporation/agency has ravaged his family/loved ones, and avenges his family through use of violent gunfights.
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    A scam beyond any shadow of a doubt.

    Neuroscientists have been working in large numbers for years to find where or how memory is stored. No one has discovered the answer.

    This companies claim of being able to "map" a memory and selectively wipe it out by technological means is completely bogus.

    The truth is that a specific memory can be repressed almost irretrivably through hypnosis. I suggest that what this company is doing is tricking people into self hypnosis by means of preparatory "information sessions" full of subtle hypnotic suggestions, perhaps "mapping sessions", all culminating in some theatrical climax where their head is put in the helmet and the juice is turned on, triggering the purely hypnotic repression of the memory.
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    Not only a scam, but a very harmfull one. Repression of a memory can do tremendous damage to the psyche.

    "Never let anyone mess with your brain!"
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