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Memory Foam Mattress?

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    Memory Foam Mattress??

    Commercials claim of the spectacular results seen by sleeping on a memory foam mattress, but I’ve yet to meet someone in person who actually owns one. By the advertisement, you would think everyone and his brother is now sleeping on one. Does anyone own one, and if so what do you think of it? Or is this just another hyped up sales gimmick???
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    They are VERY expensive. I sent off for the info packet and received a sample of the foam. A queen size is like $1400.
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    I have a Tempur Pedic pillow and I can't sleep without it!
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    I know someone that has a top of the line one and likes it.
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    Give me about 4 of those right now (being nearly 9 months pregnant), and I might finally get a good night's sleep!
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    My brother has one (bad back) and he thinks it is great. He got it with an adjustable queen-size bed (not a krapp-matic). It contours itself to the body and gives good support I've tried it for a few minutes and it feels great. I don't know about heat trapping, however. I'll have to ask him next time I see him.

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    Thanks guys for all yall's replies. I also asked another group and one guy gave me this link,
    Bunch of good reading here, now think I may go with latex instead. Got to love forums, opinions from the ones who is NOT selling the product.
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