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Memory issue

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    Is there a way to erase certain memory from one's brain? For instance, everything in relation to a person? or.... certain events about the person... ? well, i mean something besides like drinking... does hypnosis do that? i should say that commonly suggested methods don't work...
    just curious if that is possible with technology being so advanced and so much research in cognitive field, which.... i don't know much about...
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    Hypnosis can completely block a range or type of memory. Not erase, mind you, but block your conscious mind from access to it. You would need a really tip-top hypnotist, though, one who can get you WAY under.
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    Well, you could just try to stop thinking about it and go on about your life..... Then you will still remember the person but won't be of any meaning to you anymore.

    Other than that, you can't really forget someone if they've had such a big impact....

    EDIT: Especially when you thinkg about trying to forget about them.
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    Watch "Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind" the movie.
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    exactly what i was thinking it sounded like. good movie too.
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    Thank you all....i come here mostly for technical questions, but... tonight for some reason decided to ask for ideas on non-technical stuff, since even scientists are people, i suppose...
    Anyway, in my attempt, i just read a ton of anecdotes to set me at ease ... but there are so many reminders about that person .... all over campus and common friends! sounds horrible, but i wish i had a test to study for! technically i can find stuff to study... thanks for the movie suggestion, i'll put that on my list.
    yeah... time, they say, takes care of a lot....
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    amazing film
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