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Memory - Method of Loci/Similar

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    Has anyone used any proven memory techniques in Maths and Physics? I am learning about them now - they are very useful for remembering tangible words, but can they be used to remember mathematical theorems and proofs say? Anybody tried and had any success? My problem is that after learning a theorem or proof I forget it after just a few weeks.
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    Unfortunately that is pretty much just how memory works. Though after learning something 2 or 3 times it tends to stick longer. Use it or lose it, basically.
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    So have you used the method of loci, or not?
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    No, and my apologies if my input is therefore irrelevant! I was just saying that that is normal and I don't think any technique other than repetition/relearning will solve it ( i really dont know anything about the technique you mentioned though.)
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    Have you read about these memory techniques? I mean, I don't want to be rude, but the whole point of these methods is that they eliminate the use or lose problem to a certain extent, and help you remember a huge amount of information, so by saying that this is a well known problem when you haven't considered the memory techniques mentioned is completely disregarding the topic of my thread, and is not only irrelevant, but thoroughly unhelpful.

    Anyone else had any experiences?
  7. Mar 20, 2011 #6
    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I have recently 'discovered' the memory palace or method of loci technique(s) myself.
    I see great promise in retention for mathematical problem solving...in fact a colleague and myself are working on a technique to extend this memory retention technique for problem solving etc.

    However, if you are are familiar with the 'loci' technique, you are probably having the same difficultly as I am where words and poetry are easier to recall then mathematics because of what they represent...
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