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Men Throwing Fireworks Leave Window Up

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    This guy may someday get a Darwin Award.

    SALT LAKE CITY - Two men planning to throw lighted fireworks from a car were burned when they forgot to roll down the window.

    "They lit a large mortar rocket firework" and were going to throw it out the window, Salt Lake County sheriff's Sgt. John Barker said. "The passenger threw it out the window, but he forgot to roll the window down. It bounced back in his lap."

    http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20040716/ap_on_fe_st/fireworks_accident&e=5 [Broken]
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    ohhh.. this is the funniest thing since that german couple who "couldn't get kids" :D
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Wow! Bummer!!! I agree Evo, he almost certainly will be nominated for a Darwin.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    What is that about?
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    it's almost sad:
    an extremely religious married couple from germany, in their thirties, went to the doctor due to the fact that they had been married for six years, but the wife still had not gotten pregnant...
    they went through some amount of tests and screenings in order to establish whether or not one of them were incapable of "delivering"...
    it turned out they were both physically fine, and their doctor then asked them how often they had sex...
    the clever answer could be translated to:
    "do you have to have sex to get pregnant?"
    they left the doctor with some information on procreation...

    this happened a few months ago, so whether or not they've succeeded by now, is yet to be determined...
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    Both are funny. :rofl:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    I saw both stories on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olberman - no better place for the whacky or bizarre ! :yuck:

    Keith did not fail to emphasize that the fireworks that bounced back went straight for the dude's LAP ! :wink:
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    Brings back memories.

    We had several M-80s and one night, three of us, Tom, Beth,and I, decided to throw a couple in a friend's front yard (Sue's house).

    Get to Sue's house, I light two M-80s, and toss them over the roof and into her yard .... except right after I let the M-80's go, I feel one them bounce off my leg and onto the seat between me and Beth. I tell Tom and Beth I dropped one of the M-80's in the car. Tom just refuses to believe I really did that and drives faster. I open the passenger side door, hanging half out, while searching for the M-80 ("It must be under your butt, Beth"), and Beth just looks totally miserable. I'm kind of hoping Tom slows down so I can jump out, especially after we hear the first explosion. Talk about suspense. I can't find the missing M-80 and then ..... we hear the other M-80 explode in Sue's front yard.

    Finally find the "missing" M-80. While picking out the M-80s to throw into Sue's front yard, I noticed one of them didn't have a fuse, so I stuck it on the open glove compartment door, out of the way. It fell off the glove compartment door when Tom gunned the car as soon as I tossed the lighted M-80s.

    I never threw more than one at a time after that. :approve:
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