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MENSA Usenet Group Discuss Space Aliens

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    I fixed the link, it was not working before.

    Carlos Hernandez
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    Be sure to use the left scrollable frame to see the first post, which is the following:

    "There are more than 20,000 websites on the internet claiming that
    space aliens exist, and more and more I am watching shows on national cable channels claiming that aliens are real. So, which scenario is true:

    1.) There is a secret conspiracy involving thousands of Earth
    psychopaths to create false information validating the paranormality.

    2.) The religion effect: a few psychopaths lied and claimed that
    aliens are real, and then the masses religiously bought into it, just
    like the masses bought into Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

    3.) Aliens do indeed exist and are abducting people for scientific

    If space aliens do indeed exist, would they be willing to share their
    Transhumanism technology with us, see http://www.transhumanism.org/


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    I've never heard of transhumanism. Wait a second, transhumanism isn't a word, those new-agey people made it up, it means the same thing as philanthropy.
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