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Mentioning a Prof for SOP?

  1. Dec 31, 2013 #1
    This might be silly, but I have exhausted my brain by thinking too much about this.

    I've been taking a grad course at a University to which I am applying for Grad school. I did fairly well in this course and the prof of the course knows me very well and knows my research interests. I didn't really talk to him about applying THERE for grad school because i felt awkward. However, we've had discussions about grad school and related in general.

    I know it was pretty dumb of me to not talk about attending grad there with him, but now it is a bit too late. It is winter break and the deadline for that school is sort of on the horizon.

    The SOP for this school requires that we only have 1000 words. After discussing my research background and etc. I decided that I can discuss 3 profs. I included two profs that strongly match the work I've done in undergrad/interests and now I really have room for ONE more. I'm feeling rather conflicted. There is another prof. who has done work in my field of interest (HEP Theory) and now is sort of moving towards Cosmology. The prof I took a class with (will continue this class spring sem.) does extensive work in Cosmology. I wish I had room to discuss both and I am sure I can tweak my application to do that, but at the same time ... this department is small and I if I do that then I might as well mention ALL the profs.

    Should I mention the prof. I did class with because he knows me well and my capabilities (class/research)? Or should I mention the other prof. because he does more work on my field of interest in HEP theory even tho he is also moving towards Cosmology? This is too confusing and I think I am just thinking too much.

    One more question! I never thought about putting the profs in order of preference when I write my SOP ...but I rather place them so that my statement flows logically. It is true that the first prof. I mention is the one I would like to work with the most, but after that I mention the rest so that it flows. Are you supposed to mention them in order or pref?
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    Vanadium 50

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    1. You're overthinking this.

    2. A SOP is supposed to be predominantly a statement of purpose - i.e. a statement looking forward, not a statement about the past. They have your packet. They know what you've done. They want to know what you want to do.
  4. Dec 31, 2013 #3
    You are right! Thanks you for that. Happy New Years! I submitted my app as well =)
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