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Mentor Change March 2017

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    Time is short, real life strikes again! @stevendaryl has retired from the mentor group to the beaches of Emeritia. Sipping Mai Tai's will be nice! Thanks for your service Daryl! You should see Daryl around the forums as normal.
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    Well, no one is "normal" after being a mentor, he is now a "dementor". :woot: :biggrin: He will know have the glorious honor of being Emeritus and retain certain powers, of which we cannot speak. :oldbiggrin:
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    Thankyou for your time and efforts @stevendaryl
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    Like "once a president ... always a president" , ... "Once a mentor ... always a mentor!" ..., it's an honor and way of "PF life" ... (may be - e.g. if he agrees ...) +
    Thanks @stevendaryl !
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