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Homework Help: Merchanics problem

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    I am just starting out in Mechanics at my University. (Mechanincs is also known as statics and dynamics). I am having trouble working (what should be a simple) problem.

    Here is the problem:

    Find the velocity X(with 1 dot above the x) and the position X as a functin of the time t for a particle of mass m, which starts from rest at x=0 and t=0, subject to the following force functions:

    where F0 and c are positive constants

    Any help is greatly appreciated. :eek: :confused:
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    Think Newton's second law;

    [tex]F = ma = m\ddot{x}[/tex]
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    Thanks, I wass thinking of Newton's 2nd, but you also have to integrate problem, correct?

    Thanks for any help and Newton's confirmation :)
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    Yes, you need to substitute the given expression in the equation for Newton's Second and integrate it to get the required answers.

    Please post similar problems under the Introductory Physics subforum next time.
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