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  1. Hi Guys!
    well! i have made my all efforts in solving this circuit plz help me.
    WHat technique should i use?
    Super mesh? or what?
    Plz help me

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    Same problem. Attachment is Pending Approval. Is it too big maybe?
  4. Do you have to do it with mesh analysis? I would do nodal analysis on the top 3 nodes.
  5. Alright, what you have in this circuit is I2 an independent current source and I1 a dependent Voltage controlled current source (VCCS).
    In mesh analysis with current sources a special case arises when two meshes have a (dependent or independent) current source in common this case is called a "supermesh".
    In a supermesh you must combine the meshes that the current source is shared in, creating alarger one. If a circuit has two or more supermeshes they should be combined to form a larger supermesh.
    In this case your suprmesh is the three meshes in which I2 and I1 are a part of. Apply KVL to the whole loop of the supermesh. Then use KCL to find the relationships between your currents (from KVL), you must do this because no known voltage sources are known.

    I would show you some of my work but I do not know how far you have gotten and wouldn't want to spoil the learning process for you (lmao)!

    *Info paraphrased from "Fundamentals of Electric Circuits" 2nd edt. Alexander-Sadiku p.96*

    Check their webpage out at:

    This contains network analysis tutorials that helped me out when I took this subject.

    Good Luck!
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