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Homework Help: Mesh analysis with AC circuit

  1. Sep 24, 2008 #1
    Im doing mesh analysis on an AC circuit only problem is i dont know how to handle the dependant voltage source.

    My circuit:

    I think im supposed to just assign a value for Vo but im not sure. Is it possible to work out what Vo is?

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    There's a problem with using mesh analysis here: you don't know the potential drop across the dependent current source. Yes you can work out what V0 is. I did it using nodal analysis.

    If you really want to use mesh analysis, you should use source transformation to convert that dependent current source to a voltage source.

    EDIT: Ok, scratch out that the last sentence above. I can't remember if you can apply source transformation to a dependent source. Can someone confirm this?
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    ok up until 5minutes after i posted this i thought that the dependent source was a voltage source (facepalm) i should have known it was a current source lol. So it makes things easier that it is a current source.

    Vo is simply I1 - I2, as V = IZ but the impedance at the resistor is 1 so therefore:
    V = IZ
    V = I*1
    V = I

    Now instead of having 3 equations (for 3 mesh's) and unknowns to find you can simply replace what would have been I3 (in the third mesh) with 2Vo = 2(I1 - I2) which eliminates the need for the third equation

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