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Homework Help: Mesh Analysis

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    hello. I was reading through the chapter, and i came across a practice problem. The given answer for the problem is 79.2V. I attemted to solve it, but i dont get the same answer. ICould you guys please help me out and tell me where i am making a mistake? Thanx in advance


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    Might wanna just print screen, copy/paste and upload the work to imageshack or something.
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    first off you can't solve these 2 eqautions that you have, because you have 3 unknowns and 2 equations. You need another equation.

    I see you used a supermesh for mesh 2 and 3, however you don;t need it. That is a current controlled voltage source there. This is why you are missing one equation. It would be a different story if there was a current source there.
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    I can't open your file or get any of your links to work to see the Circuit Diagram.
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    They aren't linked correctly, so you have to copy and paste it. Copy and paste the 3rd link and edit it to a basic URL.

    my mistake, i looked at your work briefly and just saw the two numbered eqautions. I did the problem this time and get 79.2V. Your currents should be i1 = 3.08A i2=2.27A and i3=1.98
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