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Homework Help: Mesh analysis

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    [PLAIN]http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/F1hFT0SaSpFdLqSvFA-BHA?authkey=Gv1sRgCMGC37jJtMLiXQ&feat=directlink [Broken] [Broken]

    Image : [PLAIN]http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/F1hFT0SaSpFdLqSvFA-BHA?authkey=Gv1sRgCMGC37jJtMLiXQ&feat=directlink [Broken] [Broken]

    How do i use mesh analysis to find the current of RL?
    can someone teach me how i should indicate the loops and +/- on the circuit?
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    Please show us your attempt at a solution. We do not do your homework for you here.

    You can also search at wikipedia.org for basic tutorial info on mesh analysis.
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    you can choose any sense of the loops(clockwise,anticlockwise,or both).it doesnt affect the final result..but for each sense of the loop in a mesh,u have to form the kirchoff's equation according to the loop's sense you put......
    u finally get a system of equations with several unkowns.......
    take this easy operation:
    suppose u have three meshes:
    put all the current loops in a clockwise direction (I1,I2,I3 respectively)
    consider the 3 matrices (v),(z)and(I)
    and (v)=(z)(I) , (I)=(I1,I2,I3) , (v)=(sum of "voltage sources" according to sense of current in the first mesh, similarly for the 2nd mesh,similarly for the 3rd mesh)

    for (z): z11: sum of empidences of mesh 1
    z22:sum of empidences of mesh 2
    z33:sum of empidences of mesh 3
    z12:minus (sum of commom empidences between meshes 1 and 2)
    z13:minus(sum of commom empidences between meshes 1 and 3)
    z23:minus(sum of common empidences between meshes 2 and 3)

    z12=z21, z31=z13, z23=z32;
    so u abtain the system and u get I1,I2,I3...

    and so, u can perform this operation for any number of meshes (sense of loops are clockwise!! here)
    thank you
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