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Meshing our talents together

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    My sister is like a cool friend. Passionate arguments about science, the future, alien civilisations break out all the time. We will make a good team.

    She's going to study astronomy. I'm interested in ALL science. Yet it'd be great if we both had fields that worked together. Both learning and using our combined minds.

    Mathematics is on my mind right now. How useful is this for astrophysics?

    Mars sunset. People will live there one day if we don't squander our billions years old legacy on pointless self destruction.
    [PLAIN]http://img686.imageshack.us/img686/83/marssunset.jpg [Broken]
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    Cool picture! :cool:

    Mathematics is essentially the language of science, and of course, it's critically important for all branches of science and engineering.
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    I teared up a bit when the first panoramic shots of mars came out years ago. Thinking that this is another PLANET, a world no human has stepped on, and there is an alien vista. Powerful.

    You are fortunate to have family you wish to collaborate with, and that both of you are qualified to do so. You cannot go wrong with mathematics if you have any interest in science, especially physics. It is the language, but it also lets you imagine what you otherwise could never visualize. It changes how you see the world around you for the better.
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