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Mesons, Baryons, and Leptons

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    Does anyone know how many there are, also how many are just thoeretical. We know of the proton, neutron, and election, but do we know that Tau and Muons exist? Also does anyone think we'll keep finding more
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    all particles in the standard model have been confirmed experimentally. Muons, taus etc. The only thing is the higgs and sparticles which are entirely theoretical.
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    Check out this very nice site on the different elementary particles in the Standard Model described by Quantum Field Theory...

    http://pdg.web.cern.ch/pdg/particleadventure/frameless/startstandard.html [Broken]

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    Most of these elementary particles were discovered before the quark model was created. I remember seeing a discusssion on PBS with Oppenheimer about all the various mesons and speculating about the existence of some underlying theory to explain what was then considered a mess.
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    Yes, the muon and tau were both discovered before any quark theories
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