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Message from the creator

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    There is a lot of research going on which is trying to find a message from a creator of the universe (if there is one). The researchers on these projects are trying to find mainly patterns in background cosmic radiation left over from the big bang, or messages hidden in our DNA. But surely the most obvious way for a creator of the universe to signal his presence to us would be to make us believe in him (e.g. religion)?
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    Actually I don't see religion as the most obvious way. The most obvious way for a creator to make us believe in him would be to create us with the innate belief in him. A trivial thing to do, and done once and for all. That we don't have such built-in belief suggests that either he doesn't care if we believe or not, or there just isn't such thing as a creator.
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    In your own words, what is a creator?
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    Perhaps he did - and Modern Man is simply a product of genetic drift. :biggrin:
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    Previous Beliefs

    True, but a creator could have made us believe innately previously, and we could have, after hudreds of years, begin to question our beliefs.
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    What Creator?

    The one described in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Laveyan Satanism, Zoroastrianism or any other religion?

    The term 'Creator' is somewhat undefined and everyone really have their own view on it.

    This pseudo scientific 'research' make use of the hidden assumption that such a 'creator' actually exists.
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    if the so called CREATOR has no origin, then such an entity would not have had any choice over its own nature, structure, etc...and thus whatever it does would actually be a product of this uncreated nature and would really not be anything attributable to a creator as such any more than to say that whatever is real has always been and we are just its current manifestation.
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    Creator Defenition

    I guess the defenition of the "creator" we are discussing would be pretty much anything which created the universe and is omnipotent. Isn't that what most religions believe in, with some believing in more than one creator?
    About the "creator"'s origin - it would have had to have existed for eternity, as there would have been nothing to create it.
    There's some information on various beliefs in creators from different religions here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creation_%28theology%29 [Broken]
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    Everyone of us could write an article for Wikipedia about where and when and who and how and if this and if that then that and this about a creator. None of that would confirm its existence. People use the biblical records, the koran and numerous other writings to justify their claims concerning creation or a creator but everyone of these books is written by a human and has been re-written, pages deleted and facts skewed by other humans.

    We probably have a predisposition to believe in the universe being created because of our limited view of nature and how it may or may not work.

    Humans have established a belief in a creator because we cannot fathom that perhaps its not a creator that has been in existence for eternity (not that anyone one of us can prove infinity actually exists) but that nature has been in existence "forever" and will continue to be because that could be the nature of nature.

    If a creator actually could send a message that we could actually decifer I think it would be found in the many contrasts and contradictions upon which nature appears to thrive.
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    If the definition of 'Creator' in this context is something that is omnipotent and that created the Universe, it is still way to vague definition.

    Let us say that you need to invoke an omnipotent creator to create the Universe. Then what created that creator? If that creator did not need to be creator and/or existed for all time, then it would be somewhat pointless to invoke a creator from the start, since the world could have existed for all time.

    There is way to many problems with this ill defined 'Creator' to be able to research it on any level.

    This reminds me of the song 'Tell Me Why', which goes something like this:
    The concept of 'God' leads to answers that are not really answers, so (scientific) research into it is not only counterintuitive, it is both illogical and counterproductive.

    I like the remake of the song:

    That would seem logical to humans, yet this has not happened in a universal way. I can see one logical explanation to that.
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