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Message icons don't work?

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    Message icons don't work???

    I cannot use the icons (fonts, attachments, etc) when posting a message.
    I click on any of them and nothing happends.....
    All I want to do is attach a pic. Any ideas?
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    Re: Message icons don't work???

    Are you trying to attach a picture, as in upload it to the PF server, or link to a picture hosted elsewhere? The Icon that looks like a picture frame that says "insert image" is only for linking to a picture. To attach an image, you must scroll down to "Additional options", under "attach files", select "manage attachments", then follow instructions.
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    Re: Message icons don't work???

    The problem was none of the icons/buttons/fonts settings would do anything when clicked on.
    However the problem has righted itself, so the website or my pc was having s*** fit at the time.
    Thanks Evo for your help.
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