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Homework Help: Messy integral

  1. Oct 1, 2006 #1

    Show that

    [tex]\int_{-1}^{1} x P_n(x) P_m(x) dx = \frac{2(n+1)}{(2n+1)(2n+3)}\delta_{m,n+1} + \frac{2n}{(2n+1)(2n-1)}\delta_{m,n-1}[/tex]

    I guess I should use orthogonality with the Legendre polynomials, but if I integrate by parts to get rid of the x my integral equals zero.
    Any tip on how to start working with this?
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    First thought would be to use one of the recursion relationships on xPn(x).

    For example -


    BTW, has one shown -

    [tex]\int_{-1}^{1} P_n(x) P_m(x) dx = \frac{2}{2n+1}\delta_{m,n}[/tex]

    That was demonstrated here on PF recently.
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    Yes, I've got the last equation and I'll try with the recursion, thank you. =)
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    Another thing I would recommend is to try using the Rodriguez formula for the Legendre polynomials, then play games with integration by parts.
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    And why is that? I solved the problem by the way. Pretty simple when you know about the recursion relationships.
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