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MET/ME double major

  1. Jan 13, 2016 #1
    I have already started a Mechanical Engineering Technology associates degree (I know, bad idea lol). My employer, being a machine shop, likes this and says to keep at it. I'm finding MET too easy; though I'm starting math next semester so that may change. I placed into Trig (the class before pre-calc). I think a bachelors in MET would be a waste. Should I double major in engineering or even physics? Is this marketable?
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    I will say an MET degree is not as desirable as an ME degree for many reasons, money, status, PE registration and probably a few others. You can and should take courses that will be accepted for either (ie the ME route) and if you find that it becomes to hard for you (doesn't sound like it would), you can settle for the MET degree. If you take the more difficult calculus based core curriculum ie Calculus, Calculus based physics, chemistry (which MET might not require) in your first year studies, you will be in excellent shape to switch over to ME, if you want to.
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