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Metabolism question

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    Hello. Lately, every night before I slept, I felt very hungry. It use to be solved by just eating a piece of bread. But now, I ate a very big serving for dinner and is still hungry before I slept, even toasting some bread wouldn't help. Not just in the evening, now, when I wake up, afternoon, I feel the exact same thing. I am always really hungry. I worried that I have parasites in my stomach, and my metabolism is very high. I'm not even gaining any weight!! How can I solve this problem? Or prevent it from happening? Also, keep in mind I am a very active athelete and is exercising every day.
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    Perhaps a visit to a doctor would not hurt, to see if there are any medical conditions that apply.

    I find that exercise and greater amounts of activity makes me hungry. Not a surprise since we use a lot of energy in this activity and food is a good way to replenish that supply. However I've found, (at least in my own experience), that hunger before bedtime (or more specifically, perceived hunger), is habit. When I consciously changed my behavior (by not eating at that time), the sensation of hunger also went away.

    When you awaken (afternoon or morning) and feel hungry, that's sounds normal. As long as you're staying up for awhile, you have plenty of time to utilize the food.
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    If you are a young person, I wouldn't be too concerned.
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    Try protein instead of toast.

    Fatty meat should take your system longer to digest.
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    It's probably just that you're an athlete and burning a lot of calories through exercise. My first guess wouldn't be parasites. :tongue2: Are you by any chance eating a low-fat diet? You might just need more fat in your diet to keep you feeling full longer. But, if you're concerned or if you begin to lose weight rather than maintain, it wouldn't hurt to see a doctor to make sure everything is okay and that you don't have any nutrient deficiencies.
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