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Metal Band

  1. Mar 19, 2010 #1
    I hope this thread doesn't seem to be spam, sorry if it does.

    Metal drummer needed in the Atlanta, GA area

    I'm the guitarist in a band that's been dormant for a year now. It sucks not having a drummer. If you like fast thrash/death metal then this is definitely the band for you. Our last drummer played quite a bit of blast beats and eventually the tempos of our songs got so rigorous that he couldn't record to a metronome and bailed on us. Of course we're willing to try different styles and we don't particularly play JUST to be fast or heavy. We write what we think is good an artistic. Me and my bassist are trained in music theory and we're incredibly comfortable with the writing process. We're eager to write metal again.

    We have a perfect practice space good for all hours of the night that's actually in Loganville (east of Stone Mountain and Snellville)

    It's a long shot to find someone, but if you're interested PLEASE contact me. We'll try any drummer. We just wanna write music again... and go from there.

    Our influences:
    Early 90's Swedish Death Metal
    80's Thrash Metal
    70's Heavy Metal
    some bands:
    At the Gates
    The Haunted
    Metallica (I like newer Metallica, my band mates don't. My thrash kinda sounds like they're 80's)
    Black Sabbath

    Here's all my contact info

    My name is (obviously) Daniel Atha so you can look me up on facebook

    I get on facebook WAY more often than my email and myspace. Try to find me there. My default pic is me playing guitar, and I'm currently at UGA majoring in physics. So you can identify which one is me.
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