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Metal Colors?

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    Are there any green, blue, or purple metal compounds (non-alloys)?
    Also, is there any list of all known stable metal compounds and their colors?
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    I think some nickel complexes will give you a green solution

    You can get a beautiful blue solution by just dissolving copper sulfate in water

    purple you can get from certain cobalt complexes
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    Do you know any specific names of the nickel/cobalt compounds?
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    Hopefully, by "metal compounds" you are not refering to intermetallics.

    Most copper salts are either bright blue (eg: anhydrous copper II nitrate and the hydrated sulfate) or blue-green (eg: copper II chloride and carbonate).

    Potassium permanganate is purple.

    Cobalt II chloride, a moisture detector, is blue when anhydrous, and bright pink when hydrated. Cobalt II oxide is green.
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    Ni(NH3)4++ is a beautiful violet.
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    Compounds that include potassium commonly produce purple colored flames, copper compounds can be either blue or green depending on the anion (for example, copper II sulfate is blue while copper II nitrate is green). Still, most compounds produce a flame based primarily on their cation.

    http://jchemed.chem.wisc.edu/jcesoft/cca/cca2/MAIN/FLAME/CD2R1.HTM has a good description of some commonly seen colors in flame tests too.
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