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Metal detector thwarter

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    I am first year EE student so forgive me if there is huge lack of knowledge. While reading ahead in my physics book I found out that metal detectors in airports, courts etc are basically transmitters and receivers. If metal gets in between the detector sets off the alarm.

    What if then, there is a small box with one wall that can receive the signal and other that can transmit it to the detector's receiver? One which a perpetrator can strap on inside of his thigh for example.

    Theoretically, this thwarter box can fool the detector is it?

    I imagine the electricmagnetic field between the detector is almost instanteneous, meaning if any metal gets in between alarm is set off instanteneously. I further imagine that there will be lag time in the thwarther box to process the signal and transmit it. So does it make the idea unworkable from the inception?

    Please no talk about how IMMORAL this thwarter box is. Talk only from engineering prespective please

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    Sorry, we don't allow discussion of illegal activities, theoretical or not. Thread locked.
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