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Metal Detectors

  1. Sep 28, 2009 #1
    Metal Detectors!!!

    Guys I an Undergraduate student in Lancaster University (England) and I have a passion for metal detecting when I am not in UNI. Over the years I have spoke many of my lecturers and research staff about the depth of a metal detector and its soul destroying ability to pick up iron. Now so far I have been told that there is no other way of looking into the ground other than these
    http://whitesmetaldetector.com/spectrum.shtml [Broken]

    Believe me I am not ready to believe that there is no other way. Please if someone has a bright idea of how to make a new one using Solid State Physics or any other method, then please let me know!!! Thanks
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    Re: Metal Detectors!!!

    My guess is that if anybody did have a bright new idea they would be looking into developing it and most reluctant to just give the idea away.
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    Re: Metal Detectors!!!

    There are other ways at looking into the ground. Ground-penetrating-radar is used fo ra lot of stuff, and increasingly popular among archaeologists.
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    Re: Metal Detectors!!!

    Throw in conductivity measurements.
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    Re: Metal Detectors!!!

    Try googling archeological geophysics.
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    Re: Metal Detectors!!!

    Conductivity is what the MineLab company use, they are really good detectors but not very deep. The radar machine that the archaeologists use is not very effective because I knew one guy who spend £9500 to get one and it was rubbish and he couldn't even get his refund!!! So any other ideas???
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