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Metal Gear Solid

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    Does anybody else love science fiction? Does it involve bipedal machines? Did you really like all of the Metal Gear Solid games? I ditto all of the above!

    But one question strikes me (besides asking myself if Hal Emerich scientific lingo actually makes sense) how will we power these creations? If you look at Rex it is more "mechanical" then Ray and the rest of the later monsters that Kojima created. Will that make it easier to create? All of the later machines seem to have an almost biomechanical "feel" to them. The Arms Tech Irving has legs that had muscles. Yes, they also spurt blood when you shoot them but could any of this be possible.

    There was a robot that I read about called BigDog by Boston Dynamics. It's pretty sweet. It's on the lowest of the low compared to the machines in the games we play but it seems to be on the right track (besides it being powered by what seems to sound like a lawn mower). Hopefully somebody posts on this and I don't look like a giant nerd...

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    Lowest of the low? I was pretty impressed with the Big Dog.
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    That's pretty cool. I wanna see how hard it can punch. I bet it could do one of those movie-like punches where the guy goes flying. Except in real life, there's no getting up from one of those.
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    I mean BigDog is one of the greater machines out there that can mimic that kind of fluid motion. I'm not trying to say that BigDog is the lowest of the low. I'm saying that in comparison its a small step.
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    That was pretty sweet. That battery pack looks awfully clunky. Those models of could be designs look quite promising. I'm pretty sure those will be as autonomous as the UAVs of today aka not really at all. Anyways having a plane being autonomous is a lot easier then having a humanoid robot doing the same. Flight takes a lot less functions then beings a functional human in a combat zone. I guess that goes into the realms of AI. I don't know if I want to go there...
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    I was impressed at it's terrain mobility as well as the recovery from being shoved by the operator.
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    Yeah, I was also. Thinking about Newton's each action has an equal and opposite reaction, could the BigDog kick back at the same force that it was kicked? Because the force to move the dog would have to be balanced out by the dogs force to right itself?
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